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Top 10 Relocation tips

10 tips for a successful relocation of an international employee

Have you recruited a new employee from abroad? Do you want to ensure that the employee's anticipated start date can be realized? Do you want to ensure a smooth onboarding process, so that the employee can focus on their new role?

Here are the 10 key tips for a successful relocation!

  1. 1. Assist the employee with the necessary visas, work permits and other documents to avoid delays and unnecessary stress. Also take into account the necessary legalization documents for family members.

  2. 2. Offer help in finding suitable accommodation and start on time! Align employee expectations with the available budget. The housing market is tight and finding accommodation is often difficult. Offering temporary accommodation ensures a soft landing and gives the employee time to find a suitable home. Pay attention to factors such as location, family situation and desired amenities.

  3. 3. There is a lot to consider when moving your personal life. Where possible, help with planning the move, offer a moving allowance or assistance from a moving company and provide a checklist.

  4. 4. If the employee opts for international education for the children, it is advisable to conduct research into suitable and available education. As soon as a school has confirmed that there is room for the children, the search for accommodation can be started. If this is done the other way around, the employee sometimes has to travel a long way to take the child or children to school, which is very impractical. The reason for this is that international education is not available in all cities and space is limited.

  5. 5. Make sure that the employee has sufficient budget for the move, living expenses and any unexpected costs, such as a deposit or prepayment for a rental property. Offering a relocation budget / allowance can help with this. For a successful relocation, it is important that the employee feels at home quickly. Provide information about the employee's new destination. The better prepared the employee is, the greater the chances of success. Consider the culture, language, and customs of the new location to properly prepare the employee.

  6. 6. Make sure that the employee quickly feels at home, this increases the chance of a successful relocation. In addition to good onboarding and guidance, think about the culture, language and customs of the new location to prepare the employee well.

  7. 7. Facilitate building a local social network. Help the employee and (possible) partner to establish contacts in the new environment, both professionally and socially. Offer assistance in finding work and career opportunities for the partner. A satisfied and well-established partner will contribute to a successful relocation.

  8. 8. Arrange health care for the employee and family. In the Netherlands it is difficult to take out health insurance without a Dutch bank account, BSN or residence card. So make sure that these kinds of practical matters are also arranged quickly upon arrival. Inform the employee about the Dutch health care system and make sure they have the right health insurance.

  9. 9. Encourage learning the local language. A good command of the local language will improve the employee's communication and help them to better integrate into the local culture.

  10. 10. Ensure a good work-life balance. Relocation can be stressful, so encourage the employee to take time for relaxation, hobbies and social activities to maintain a healthy balance.

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