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International students: interesting talentpool?

How do you manage the expectations of your international employees?

Every person is different and therefore has different expectations when the employer offers help with immigration and relocation. Cultural differences play an important role. Managing these expectations of international employees is essential to ensure a successful start.

Here are some tips to help you manage expectations effectively:

1. Clear communication: Clearly communicate what employees can expect from the immigration and relocation process. Explain which steps need to be taken, which documents are required, how long the process can take, which parties assist the employee and who can be contacted if they have any questions.

2. Support: Offer both the employee and accompanying family members support in finding accommodation, registering with the municipality and arranging other practical matters. This not only contributes to an excellent employee experience, but this support also ensures that the employee can fully focus on working in the new country immediately after arrival.

3. Stay in touch: You can never communicate too much. Stay in regular contact with employees to see how they are doing and if they have any questions. This can help resolve any issues quickly, as well as contribute to the overall employee experience.

4. Discuss cultural difference: Make employees and their partners aware of the cultural differences between their country of origin and country of destination. This can be about norms and values, corporate culture, living standards or habits and customs. By making cultural differences negotiable, you create awareness and the development of intercultural competences. This often ensures a smooth adjustment in the new country, both privately and professionally, and creates clear expectations for the employee.

5. Be honest: Honesty comes first, be honest about what employees can expect from their new job and their life in the destination country. If you present things better than they actually are, this will bite you in the tail. Honesty will help to create realistic expectations and avoid disappointments, for example when finding accommodation.

We know from practice that most 'dissatisfaction' among customers' employees arises from a difference in expectations and (lack of) communication. By providing good support, you can not only promote their integration, but also increase their motivation and productivity, thus contributing to the success of your company.

Eastwing is the specialist in the field of international mobility, our employees are happy to help you with the immigration and relocation of your new colleagues and their family members.

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